Team Competition

Women's Tennis

The Club fields A-, B-, and C-level teams in the Metropolitan Interclub Tennis League (MITL). In addition there is a USTA ladies 55-and-Over team and a MITL 50 LOVE team (for players of ages 50 and over), which plays in July through early August. For more information, contact the Team Captains or Tennis Programs Director Sue Silver.

Team Captains are:

MITL A:  Betsy Moreno Berger and Amy Burger

MITL B:  Thallia Wolff and Michele Rudolph

MITL C:  Sue Silver & Holly Conetta

USTA 3.0:  Maureen O'Connor

MITL 50 LOVE:  C.J. Mitchell and Harriette Scott


Men’s Tennis

The Club has registered for two teams that play on Tuesday nights: a local USTA 4.0 age 40-and-over team and a team in the Westchester Tennis League.

The Club also has a 50-and-over team in the Westchester County Tennis League, playing on Sunday afternoons. It is a great opportunity for members who have played mainly recreationally but would like to hone their competitive chops with some interclub play. Matches include three doubles and two singles spots, so the PRTC team need 8 players for each match.

Contact Tennis Programs Director Sue Silver for more information.


Women’s Platform Tennis

The PRTC Women’s Platform Tennis Team plays in the Metropolitan Interclub Platform Tennis League (MIPTL), with regular Thursday-morning matches and team practices on Tuesdays (B-Team) and Wednesdays (A-Team). The A-Team captains are Denise Upham and Gwynne Rizaro and the B-Team captain is Michele Diamond.


Men’s Platform Tennis

The men’s platform tennis A-League team plays matches on Thursday night games, mainly in Northern Westchester. The captain is Mark Slivka.  The men's B-League team plays on Wednesday nights and the team captain is Jairo Contreras.