Board of Directors

Board members are elected to staggered two-year terms through proxy votes of the membership, held annually in January. The Board meets monthly to conduct regular business, interview prospective new members and consider proposals put forward by the members. Meetings are open to all members. A President’s Letter and financial statement are mailed annually to members in January.

President: Cornelia "C.J." Mitchell 

Vice President and Secretary: Betsy Moreno Berger

Treasurer: Mark Slivka 

Tennis Programs Director: Sue Silver

Tennis Courts Maintenance Director: Jimmy Greenebaum 

Grounds and Facilities Director: John Bria

Platform Tennis Director: Chris Hayes 

Membership Director: Catherine "Kitty" Swift 

Communications Director: Greg Diamond 



Tennis Pros: Austin Gardella and Candice Srubar Leonard

Bookkeeper: Pamela Kushner